Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    The effect of media literacy on media consumption in academic performance -among high school students in tabadkan    M.Sc.    Ebrahimi Noori, Iman    2019-06-22
2    The effect of lifestyle on the fertility pattern of women married between15-49 years old in mashhad city    M.Sc.    ramezanian, fatemehzahra    2019-04-22
3    Analysis of Religious Content of Iranian Cinema with the Sociology Approach -Selected Film from Fajr Festival from 86 to 96-    M.Sc.    ghaemidiziche, zohre    2019-04-08
4    The narrative analysis of the lived experiences of 50th and 70th grade students from the school with an emphasis on educational and training levels.    M.Sc.    Soleymanpour, Rahman    2019-02-04
5    The Effect of Local Development Level on the Elderly Social Health in Mashhad city    Ph.D    Parvish, toktam    2019-01-02
6    The Typology of Child-Bearing Action(Married women, aged 15-49,Mashhad)    Ph.D    Seifoori, Batool    2018-09-18
7    Studing the reasons and the motives of identity concealment of students of children of martyrs and veterans at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad    M.Sc.    Ghanbary Nasab, Mahboobeh    2018-03-05
8    The effect of socioeconomic factors on the pattern of consumption (culture) of Teachers in Tehran    Ph.D    javaheri kashani, mohamad ali    2017-10-23
9    Survey of Factors on Embeddedness the economic behavior of Neyshabour citizens with emphasis on the social capital of gender and kinship    Ph.D    hojjatishargh, ali    2017-08-01
10    The effects of population aging on some macroeconomic variables with emphasis on the state budget using overlapping generations model in Iran    Ph.D    khazaee, javad    2017-03-12
11    work culture and adolescents' attitude; the impact of social networking    M.Sc.    hamed, mahdi    2017-03-06
12    Respect the feelings of social isolation and the health of city dwellers aged 30 years and older in the city of Mashhad    M.Sc.    ebrahimi sirizi, pejman    2017-03-06
13    Comparative value system of three generations of women since the Islamic revolution(1979) (the case Bojnourd city)    M.Sc.    nodehi, sara    2015-06-16
14    Factors Affecting the Fertility Level of 15-45 years, Baloch and Fars Women of Zahedan    M.Sc.    aarabi, faezeh    2014-11-17
15    The Study of effect Social Support on the Quality of Life among Elderly People in Mshhad    M.Sc.    Hosseini, Abolfazl    2014-02-10
16    The Role Of Woman Rural Cooperative In Members Empowerment    M.Sc.    shojaeeimoghadam, elham    2013-02-13